10+ ways to create reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Summary

Comparison matrix of the most common ways to create reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM considered earlier. Approaches are grouped for convenience. Move the cursor on results to view the description.

  Ease of use Capabilities Costs
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advanced Find /
Microsoft Office Excel static sheets
*** * *
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report Wizard *** * *
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) * *** **
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Report Builder ** ** **
Microsoft Office Excel PivotTable *** ** *
Custom report engine /
Microsoft Office Snap-in
* *** ***
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services * *** ***

Important to say that in «ease of use» in the table above I mean using a particular approach for creating a report (ie, efforts to create a new report), but not using it result.

So, how to choose a particular approach for creating the report? I recommend to use the following flow chart.

How to choose a particular approach for creating the report in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Another way – find a compromise between the complexity of the required report and the cost of its development. Thus, in most cases Advanced Find is the best choice, then I recommend to look in the direction of Microsoft Office Excel PivotTables (with certain skills you can build a report and diagrams of any complexity). The beauty of these two approaches in their simplicity – the creation of the report takes no more than ten minutes, 5-7 minutes of which it takes to complete the requirements.

And only then should consider SSRS-reports and custom report engines. Using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (especially OLAP) implies that you know what and how do you want to achieve.

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