Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Taking the Covers Off of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5 - keynotes from WPC 2010

I have already written about the features of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and now you can learn more about it - Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 Microsoft officially took the covers off of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5. The keynotes were disclosed in Dynamics section.

"CRM5" is now officially Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

CRM5 is now Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

CRM 4.0 - The Power of Choice, whereas CRM 2011 - The Power of Productivity.

The Power of Productivity

On the question of how many partners in the audience participated in the CRM 2011 Preview Programm, only a few companies were counted, although was told more than 400 partners.

Bryan Nielson is looking for partners:

Bryan Nielson is looking for partners

Until the end of 2010 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 will be presented in 40 countries in 41 languages. It is noteworthy that although the Russian localization was announced, Russia is not in the starting list.

CRM Online International Expansion

Developer Productivity in the Cloud:

Developer Productivity in the Cloud

Customer Relationships:

Customer Relationships

CRM through familiar experience in Microsoft Outlook:

CRM through familiar experience in Microsoft Outlook

CRM 2011 Dashboards:

CRM 2011 Dashboards

An opportunity form:

Opportunity Form

Web user interface:

Web user interface

CRM 2011 Preview Pane:

CRM 2011 Preview Pane

View customization within Form:

Online View Customization

Sample of CRM 2011 Dashboard:

CRM 2011 Dashboards

Solution Management, if look closely, it becomes clear what will be part of the solution:

Solution Management

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs! Step 1:

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs!

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs! Step 2:

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs! Step 2

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs! Step 4:

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs! Step 4

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs! Step 5:

CRM 2011 Workflow Dialogs! Step 5

Well, looking forward to 2011.

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