SDK 4.0.12

Нежданно-негаданно вышла очередная версия Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK 4.0.12. Судя по большим изменениям и дополнениям, это последний релиз SDK для CRM 4.0. Для тех, кто сомневается, качать или нет:

  • Updated binaries to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 10 and Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online May Service Update.
  • Updated images provided for use in customizations and applications.
  • Added information about the accelerator add-on solutions available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
  • Added a new set of tools that simplifies and accelerates the development of Internet-enabled applications. The conceptual documentation is in this Help file. All other resources can be found in the SDK\Microsoft.xRM folder.
  • Added a note describing the differences between enumeration values using the WSDL compared to the values using the assemblies.
  • Updated the table to include comparison information about Data Import (on-premises), Data Import (online) and Data Migration (on-premises and online). The topic's title in previous releases was "Differences between Data Migration and Data Import".
  • Removed a note that said that Scripts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot interact with DHTML elements in the source document of an IFRAME. Added code sample about how to do this.
  • Added a note about fixing the namespace when you add the helper code file to your project.
  • Added sample code that shows how to compare dates within a workflow, and then send an e-mail.
  • Added to the Customization Best Practices: How Can I Tell What Customizations Have Been Made to a System?
  • Added a note clarifying that filtered views are not accessible for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Added links to relevant white papers for Related Documentation.
  • Added new authentication documentation and sample code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that does not require using certificates. The use of certificates is deprecated.
  • Added information about messages that are used by the Web application to retrieve entity data and populate a grid view.
  • Added a note about unsupported customizations to the IIS Website.
  • Added new information about possible upgrade issues and workarounds for assemblies upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. (очень вовремя)
  • Added a note explaining why it is recommended to use dynamic entity within custom workflow activity code.
  • Added information about avoiding infinite loops in workflows.
  • Скачать Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Software Development Kit v.4.0.12



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