The Revolutionary Five

ms dynamics crm logoTwo years have passed since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 was released. This version replaced the previous 3.0, and has got wide prevalence and gained general acceptance. In 2010, Microsoft plans to release the next version of Dynamics CRM.

New releases of Microsoft products informally divided into the evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary realeases fix functionality deficiencies, user interface, optimizes performance, while revolutionary releases include a significantly revised architecture of the product, changes in the API, and new features. Typically, evolutionary and revolutionary releases follow each other:

  • CRM 3.0 – revolutionary release for the previous version 1.2 (significant changes both in functionality and architecture of the product);
  • CRM 4.0 – evolutionary release (plug-ins model which have replaced the old callout approach does not count);
  • «CRM 5» – revolutionary release?

Rumours are about possibilities of «CRM 5» (the next version of CRM) have spreaded since early October 2008. Here is a list referred to innovations:


  • New controls on the form – Ribbon panel, already known for Microsoft Office 2007. Just like in office applications would replace the usual menus and toolbars.
    crm5 ribbon panel
  • Single page to display all the information on the form – no tabs anymore. Nevertheless, the form will be divided into sections, a rapid transition to which will be available from the left navigation bar. Sections can be expand or collapse, hiding unnecessary information.
  • Built-in forms' reports. To the right of the form (on-site form assistant pane) will be located dynamic report panel, changes its appearance depending on selected data on the form.
    crm5 In-Line Form Visualizations



  • Customizable data filtering in views.
    crm5 Data Filtering
  • Master-details views on the forms.
  • Command security model of ownership records. Allows you to organize groups of managers working on the same transaction.
  • Built-in SharePoint integration.
  • Nonstructural relations. It is a continued development of the Relationship Roles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Allows you to associate and tag different objects.



  • Form customization enhancement: configurable additional areas and setting the order of the form controls.
    crm5 Flexible Form Layout
  • Filtered Lookups. It will be possible to choose the presentation, tying records of one window with the selected value of another, as well as manage the list displayed in the search box by required criteria.
    crm5 Filtered Lookups
  • Solution Management. Enhanced configuration management system. More details in this article. Now I just mention that under the «solution» will mean a package of customization, workflow presets, security roles, and other files as a whole.
  • Global picklists. It will be possible to determine the single list of values for fields of type picklist, which can be used when setting up various objects - no more duplication and synchronization of values.
  • Drag-and-Drop during form customization.
    crm5 Drag & Drop Form Editor
  • Built-in data audit.


In addition, many innovations will be interesting for developers (transactions support in plugins, Automatic Plug-in Profiling, WCF and client API). Also Workflow engine will be significantly improved and expanded.


Via What's New In CRM5.

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